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Astrology- Understanding the benefits of Vedic astrology!


Anyone who has any combination of these favorable attributes and combinations can learn astrology, and then be useful to the aquarists.

1. According to Western scholars, Saturn and Moon are extremely hungry for astrology. This is especially true when they live in 1Oth Bhava (Houses). Saturn and Moon are the best natural astrologists because they make natives industrious and patient.

2. Astrology is attracted to Uranus. However, success or failure will depend on what Uranus is exposed to. This may make one a *scholar or a perverted individual with a lot of egoism. Astrology is designed to subdue egoism.

3. The good aspects and the connection between Jupiter, Mercury, and Uranus help ‘one to think deeply. You must judge correctly and interpret correctly.

4. The positive aspect of Mars to these planets gives the Native argumentative faculties, the desire for success in the material field, and to lead in all pursuits.

5. Moon and Mercury must have harmonious aspects to be able to communicate clearly, use good vocabulary, and have intuition. Moon is the moon of the mind. It acts as a mirror that reflects the object exactly. Mercury stands for supreme intelligence. It governs the central nervous system. It acts as a lens. These two planets can either form or receive favorable aspects. They give high imagination, linguistic ability, keen observation, and intuitive perception. Mercury-strong people will be able to accurately predict, correctly apply, and analyze the situation.

6. Good aspect in one’s chart, Mercury and Saturn form good aspects. This gives you depth and concentration. thought. The native will be precise, methodical, and precise. He will be an excellent mathematician and proficient in calculations. He will be a good thinker, perseverant, and have a lot of reasoning ability.

7. One can get Venus and Uranus when they are joined. The desire to learn astrology. A few might have titles conferred upon them if Venus or Uranus receive positive aspects from Saturn, Moon, and Jupiter.

8. Jupiter’s positive aspect from other planets is a good thing. It removes worries and makes it possible to pray to God. Concentration is possible with the harmonious aspect of Saturn and Mercury.

9. Horasara’s Prithuyasas states that the person whose Moon is in Cancer (Kark), will be an astrologer. This does not necessarily mean that all Cancer born people will be able to learn astrology, or at the very least have faith in it. The Western System of Prediction is combined here to find the aspect between the Moon’s position at birth and the Western System of Prediction. The chart shows the relationship between Cancer and Saturn, Mercury, and Uranus. One will be perverted if Uranus “to form adverse aspect with Moon.” Mercury afflicting Moon will cause one to utter lies and any prediction one attempts will not be true. This is especially true when the period that one runs is governed by Moon, Mercury, and Venus. Saturn-afflicted Moon makes it difficult to concentrate and makes it difficult for one to have self-confidence.

10. Vaidyanatha Dhikshitha mentions in Jataka Parijatham that those born between the years Prabhava or Kalayukthi will be skilled in astrology. The native will also be born in Sathayam, Sathabheeshaik, or Sakuna Karana. This is also a reminder that people who were born in Prabhava, Kalayukthi, Sathabhishak Star, Sakuna Karana, or Sakuna Karana cannot learn astrology or predict accurately if they don’t have good aspects between Moon, Mercury, and Saturn.

11. Mahadeva in Jataka Tatva said that people with Venus or Mercury in the 2nd, or 3rd, house, or both, are lucky.

12. Mercury-bearing people live in the 1, 4, 5, 7, 9, or 11th houses.

13. Gemini-born people have exalted Jupiter.

14. Astrologers who are strong in the Second House lord will be successful. These rules will be fulfilled in most cases, but due to other negative aspects, some may not want to learn astrology or may even ridicule it.

Often wise people say,

“Gathanu Gathiko Lokaha Na Lokaha Paramarthikaha”

They mean that one should not follow all the rules but rather seek out the truth and get to know their spirit. It is important to consider all of these factors in order to determine if the planetary aspects can be beneficial for learning astrology. Then, consult wise and knowledgeable astrologers to make the best possible use of them.

Astrology is complex and mysterious. It deals with the relationship between the Planets in Heavens and the occurrences on the Earth.

(1) Astrology students must have sufficient knowledge of astronomy.

(2) They must be proficient in elementary mathematics. They cannot afford to make any mistakes in their calculations.

(3) They should be able to accurately prepare the Kundli using the correct Ephemeris.

(4) They will need to read astrology books written by scholars as well as the originals propounded by our sages.

(5) They must think, think, think, analyze, and then apply the rules to reach a conclusion.

(6) Both fulfilled and unfulfilled predictions are to be recorded.

(7) When a prediction is fulfilled by following certain principles, one must follow them. “Many people approach my Guru to express their problems.”

(8) One is also to determine what modification it is. This is necessary for a failed method. Failures are not to discourage one. A child cannot run a race and not fall down as many times as he attempted to walk when he was a baby. There are many injuries that a cyclist can sustain while learning to cycle. He would be greatly helped by an experienced cyclist. He may also learn how to avoid injury while learning. A Guru will be there to guide and correct the student when necessary. This will give the student zeal and help him succeed.

To discuss different problems and clarify doubts, study circles and astrological groups are to be created.

One must predict the aquarist’s personality after understanding their temperament. Some people don’t like hearing evil. Even in these cases, the astrologer must mention the evil but in a mild manner. A physician should not give bitter medicine to a patient who does not like sugary pills. He does not let the patient feel bitterness.

However, any best World famous astrologer must be able to make correct judgments and interpret the results. He should be able to use the appropriate words and have a solid vocabulary. It is up to intuition to do its job. For this reason, devotion to God and peaceful prayers are essential. The Astrologer should have peace of mind and not be in need. He should not be worried at all. He should be able to convince, argue and prove the accuracy of his predictions to be a leader among “astrologers”.

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