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Alkedines are very difficult to find and mysterious birds and it’s very rare to be able to observe them as they see a weird motion around them, they flee quickly. However, they are part of human society whether for good or better or for.

The inhabitants who live in Dusun in Borneo believe that the eastern kingfisher an unlucky sign of the times. When a warrior is confronted by this bird on the way to fight, he will return to his home. However the kingfisher, a small hunter,

for certain peoples from Borneo is believed to be a bird that is a good sign of the times. In the past the alkation was a sacred symbol, along with others belonging to the same species was highly revered by the Polynesians as it was believed they were the ones who controlled the sea and waves. White Birds

A similar story was told in Greek mythology. It is based on the story of Alcione who was one of the daughters of Aeolus who transformed into the shape of a Kingfisher. According to the legend the bird nestled on the sea’s waters at the

time of the solstice of winter, and Aeolus brought peace to the oceans for two weeks in order to guard the sunset. These days would later be referred to”the “days of the alcyon” and during those days no storms were anticipated and the alkali was an emblem of tranquility and peace.

Do you have any fascinating facts to learn regarding this animal

There are many unique aspects to be aware of about these birds that are fascinating to research. If you do happen to see their color, the pattern of their plumage could be a once in a lifetime experience.

The primary reason for this is the fact that it is an animal that is found in pairs, and isn’t particularly social with other birds in the. It might be possible to observe that there are numerous alkedines in the same

flock, however this is not a guarantee that they have a meal with other people in the group or even defend one another. This happens only during breeding season when single members are “in-laws” to the most ignorant parents who don’t know how to deal with their children.

While many people don’t think much about building nests however, those who do make a nest use the bones from the fish they ate. After being swallowed and digested it breaks down the bones and utilizes them to build the nest.

 The smell is unbearably strong and to be evident within a couple of days after the tunnel where the nest was constructed. Parents often reuse the tunnels they’ve constructed before and wash the nest thoroughly before laying it back.

They do not start their children by feeding fish in the initial few days of their lives. In the beginning, they eat small insects and larvae, like centipedes and dragonflies and, after two weeks they’ll begin to hunt their first fish.The family members are not alike in appearance. Depending on the location they’re in, they’ll sport feathers of one color or the other.

Does it belong to an animal that could be domesticated

No. In contrast to other species that have successfully domesticated a portion of their own members, and who aid the species in its efforts to reproduce, such as Hummingbirds in the United States, in the case of the alkyd species it is not possible keeping them for pets.

The reason for this is that they are very difficult to locate and don’t like being kept in cages. A cage for an alkedine cage is not just considered cruel, but it could affect the bird so that it would likely end up dying within days. Alkedines must be content in the fact that he is the one who gets his food, and throwing himself into the pond or river to get food, and not having it in the cage. In addition, because of this kind of feeding the cage will be very smelly within a few days and would need to be cleaned several times each week.

However in certain countries where their possession is completely banned in some countries. Certain small species are traded for sale on black markets as exotic animals, and their possession is punished by prison. A large number of species belonging to this family are at risk of disappearance because of the illicit trade of exotic bird species and degrading their habitats.

While it is an uncommon situation but sometimes, birds are seen in urban areas around rivers, lakes, or ponds in order to find food. In these instances you must be sure to leave them alone. If you’d like to build the hut of your choice or dig holes in the trunk of the tree, but they generally prefer to construct tunnels on the ground. This is why it’s extremely rare for any species to be found in urban areas.

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