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Is It the Right Moment to Add an In-law Suite to the Property in Santa Clara?


There could be plenty of ideas in your mind if you are sitting on a pile of cash. There will always be a desire to invest a substantial amount and you will be pondering over ideas. The suggestion which we would give is to invest in your Santa Clara home. There are home investment ideas that lead to property value enhancement and also help to generate instant cash flow. The advice will be to add to the home and nothing can be better than this. The in-law-suite addition is a great way to add value to the home and you can generate income.

The job is a capital-intensive project and you would perhaps desire to know more. Is it the right moment to have the in-law-suite within your property? This could be your first question and we would like to say that any moment is appropriate. These days the authorities have eased the legislation for the construction of these units and this is one more reason why you must hurry up on the project. If you have to deal with a growing family at home and there is hardly any space to stretch out, then one must have this unit constructed. Let us know more about this unit.  

What precisely is the in law suits?

You must have a clear idea of this residential unit, before even laying any brick for this construction. These are known by multiple names and some refer to it as the mother-in-law suite. The ADU is the official term for these units, which lie in your backyard space. It is a separate residential unit that can have everything necessary for comfortable living. It could have a bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, and general living space. These units can have everything from insulation and you can install the AC for cozy living. 

Understand the various types of in-law suits you can have

You also must have a proper understanding of the varied types of residential units that one can have within the property. Here are the details for readers in brief. 

  • The first variety is a detached unit that can lie in your backyard space. The maximum square feet area that you can have for this unit is 1200 square feet. It should lie 10 feet from the main building and five feet within the property boundary walls 
  • You can also have an attached unit and here the in-law-suite will share one wall with the main building. However, there is no entrance from inside the main building into this residential unit. It will have a separate entrance of its own. The unit can have a maximum of 1200 square feet or half the area of the main building, whichever is smaller. 
  • You can also try out a few conversions and the popular option is to convert the garage space into a residential unit. There is also the liberty to convert storerooms into residential units.

What are the benefits of having this unit?

There could be multiple benefits as you plan to have this unit in place. There is always a home value enhancement to seek because you now own more square footage area. There is the scope to derive a lucrative rental income from this space. One can even use this newly constituted space as an office. It is a multifunctional area within your boundary walls and you will find it useful. 


Here are some of the benefits as you undertake a Santa Clara home remodeling by Done Right Home Remodeling for the construction work. There is a need to gather the permits and then do flawless construction. This is precise, where you will need professional help and they are known to do the best work for a granny flat construction in Santa Clara. 

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