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8 Online Teaching Techniques that Teachers Must Know


COVID-19 has done a lot of damage to “MR EARTH” but has made a few significant changes. For instance, the relationship between students and digital technology and online learning platforms has been made in the existence of this terrible Pandemic. This relationship has proven to be an advancement in this era because digital technology has been in the market for quite a long time but has never been applied by a good number of the education sector. Many of them considered it a very advanced system, and others considered online teaching and learning as a complex strategy to be introduced. (ER. 2020)

However, right after the Pandemic hit the world, people’s perspectives had changed on online teaching. (Singh, H. K. et al) Everyone started to plan the execution of the strategies of e-learning immediately to avoid the loss of education as the entire world was on strict lockdown. The strict lockdown made the E-learning platform and strategies the best alternative to the physical classroom. Although the Pandemic has recently gone, it is ok to say that there are still many teachers who are not so much equipped with all the best techniques to be used for online teaching. We can hear your call Take My Class Online and for this, here are a few techniques you can use that might lessen the calls you make to hire help.

Snowball technique

It is one of the best and most effective techniques for online teaching. This is a type of active learning where you as a teacher will provide the topic and some sort of required information to the students. After getting the topic, the students will be given a few minutes to think about the topic and jot the points down on their notes book. Once everyone is done, each student will share their points with their partners. Then they will change their partners and share the other existing information in their minds, and the process will keep on moving in the same way. This is a very effective way by which the student’s knowledge, and they will get to learn about things more optimistically.

Mind Mapping

Mind mapping is one of the fantastic online teaching techniques. Mind Mapping is similar to the brainstorming activity that we perform in class. Mind mapping gives the students to be a part of the discussion and come forward to present their knowledge related to the topic of discussion. Once the students start to pool in their distinct and unique ideas related to the topic, you will get many different ideas. Joining the dots of the ideas and building up a connection will help[gain the utmost knowledge about the topic. Even when you call to “Pay someone to do my online Math class” the assistant will follow the mind mapping strategy in the due task.

Adaptive Learning

The learning circle is never the same for everyone. Every student has a type of learning difficulty that is not comparable and cannot be generalized to each student in the class. With different learning needs, each student requires a different level of support and extra attention from the teachers. This is a straightforward practice in the traditional classroom setup. Still, if we talk about online learning platforms, it becomes problematic. The adaptive learning technique has been there in the market to fight back against such problems. Adaptive learning prepares a different course material as per the learner’s need, which creates an advanced and unique experience from the traditional classroom.

Flipping classroom

This teaching model sounds exciting and attractive by its name. However, though the model’s name speaks for itself, as it says “”flipping classroom”,” this means that the theories, activities, practices of the traditional classroom will be reversed in the flip classroom. For instance, when you are given homework regularly, you are first required to complete the homework and then get to know about the fundamental idea behind the homework. When you flip this process, the online learning platform will require you to first explore the homework, get the insights, and later discuss it with the teachers and classroom, giving you the final result that you need to incorporate into your practices.

Online whiteboards

The online whiteboards are often used for online training. You can easily interact with video recording and real-time collaboration. It’sIt’s the most accessible tool for online meetings/ teaching. You can have access to pdf and can also give live instructions through it. It led you to explain and keep everything on the same page while engaging your audience in the best possible way.

Game-based teaching

The game-based teaching is specifically for younger children to make them understand every concept while playing games. It’sIt’s the most renowned software used by teachers globally. At the same time, understanding and molding every concept within the game leads to the most effective experiential learning. These days, students are more involved in studying and learning thro9ugh games rather than attending long boring lectures.

Discussion boards

The discussion board is widely used for group teaching, which leads the students to work on their assignments or projects. It includes different forums for different courses and comprises conversation threads, which help the student better understand the topics. Also, the joint discussion that is likely to happen between the students is quickly done via this tool.

Pre-recorded video lectures

The most versatile tool used during the Pandemic helps students quickly cover every topic/ subject/ course. Teachers/ Professors pre-record the class lecture and, after the class, disseminate the same in the classroom for making them learn at ease without any hassle during the Pandemic. In addition, the recorded lectures are beneficial for students with a weak memory, so they can turn back to the recordings to clear their points out.

Google classroom

The Google classroom is the most renowned tool used by every university/ college tool, which leads the teacher and professor to develop, disseminate and mark the student’s projects/ courses. The main objective is to streamline the progression between students and teachers. The google classroom is also a great platform to assign tasks to the students and get their assignments returned to the teachers. The other features of google classroom also allow the teachers to virtually check and send in the remarks fr the homework of the students.


These are some best teaching techniques that can be applied to online teaching strategies. As a result, the teachers will see a significant improvement in their teaching and deliver the concepts correctly to the students. As it is the mere responsibility of the teacher to get the concept delivered and understood by the student in the right way.

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